Executive Director – Jesse Winkler

“The opportunity to build and maintain relationships with residents has been my favorite part of my career.  It is amazing to see people come in broken and hurting, and see them progress and get better with our help.”

Business Office Manager –  Amy Plummer

“Although I don’t work in direct care with residents, it is always exciting to see people overcome the injury/illness that brought them to our center and rehabilitate to return home. I also enjoy the relationships formed with long term residents and their families.”

Admissions – Heather Davenport

“I really enjoy working with the elderly population and hearing their stories. My goal with every resident is to ensure the admission process is seamless and help relieve some of the stress the family feels.”

Director of Rehabilitation – Bridget Boy

“I have been in the skilled nursing setting for close to 20 years. I love the flexibility and the chance to know my clients and their families. There is a deep connection made when we build trust through caregiving.”